Anschuetz 1782D 6.5 Creed


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Anschuetz Rifle 1782

No other company created so many gold medal winning rifle's than Anschuetz! Now, the same world renowned trigger"and unmatched precision is available in a classic hunting rifle.

Each rifle is build and assebled meticulouly.

The receiver is made to withstand. The action and barrel , purity and quality in steel. Unmatched precision and function. The bolt, two-row six locking lugs, super strong and super smooth, hard chromed, fine-ground for silkysoft repeating.

The Trigger - world champions count on it and so now you can! Unpaalleled. There is nothing better! Period!

Every rifle comes with a precision guarantee! 28mm measured from shot/shot OUTER EDGE! or less!
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