SureStrike 9mm Cartridge


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SURESTRIKE™ 9MM CARTRIDGE Dip your toes into the world of laser-based dry fire training with our SureStrike™ 9mm laser cartridge (with red visible laser). Use in conjunction with the LaserPET I or II, i-MTTS targets, or Smokeless Range® shooting simulator for an optimal training experience! A wide array of caliber adapters are available for rifle, pistol, and shotgun should you wish to train with a different caliber. Easy to install, simply follow the directions in the included user guide and you're ready to start training! When you dry fire the SureStrikeTM emits an eye safe shot of visible red laser light. The immediate feedback when using one of our electronic targets/simulators transforms regular dry fire into a powerful training session. Don't own one of our electronic targets yet? Use on your favorite paper target! Built in "snap-cap" device protects your firing pin so no need for additional equipment.
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