Coated Bullets For Handguns

Reloading gets more and more expensive. CMJ bullets, former a reasonable cheap bullet turned into a quite expensive solution due to several price increases over the last few month.

Therefore we have been looking for a quality product at a very competitive price to replace the CMJ bullets from Frontier.

And here it is:

Bullet Corps coated bullets. Available in .380, 9x19, .38/357,  40S&W, .44 and  45 ACP as well as .30 cal and 458.


Available in many different weights and colors!

What are 'Polymer Coated Bullets'?
Bullet Corps Polymer Coated Bullets are hard cast bullets with a tough polymer shell which encases the lead projectile. They are similar in concept to copper plated bullets, except the plating is made out of polymer instead of copper or copper alloy. Also, while many plated bullets are made of soft lead and can't stand up to powerful pistol loads, our hard lead alloy allows these bullets to hold up under these higher levels of stress.

Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling

No Smoke

No plastic burning smell

Range friendly

Bullets feed well in automated bullet feeders

Shoot higher velocities without lead fouling

Can be shot through polygonal rifling (Glocks)

Lower cost

Longer barrel life 

Thermally stable

Resistant to weathering and chemical degradation

Strong mechanical and tensile strength properties


Able to withstand high pressure conditions

Able to withstand high heat conditions

High degree of wear and abrasion resistance

Reduced friction resistance

Good flame retarding properties


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